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Welcome to our community exploring the gig economy. We delve into important topics like worker rights, personal privacy, the impact of IoT, and safety measures in gig work.

CISO Marketplace []

Focus: The CISO Marketplace is a comprehensive platform that continually expands its offerings to meet the diverse needs of Chief Information Security Officers and other professionals in the cybersecurity industry. It provides a wide array of services, including educational resources, innovative cybersecurity products, and various services tailored to enhance the security and knowledge of those in the field.

Secure IoT House []

Focus: Specializes in securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices in residential settings. Offers insights and solutions to protect smart home devices from cyber threats.

Secure IoT Office World []

Focus: Concentrates on enhancing cybersecurity for IoT devices in business environments. Provides resources and tools for securing office-based IoT systems and networks.

Compliance Wiki Hub [www.complinacewiki.hub]

Focus: A comprehensive resource for cybersecurity compliance and regulations. Offers guides and updates on the latest compliance standards in the cybersecurity realm.

Breached Company []

Focus: Focuses on providing information about recent cyber breaches. Offers insights into the latest cybersecurity incidents, analysis, and lessons learned for better defense strategies.

My Privacy Blog []

Focus: Dedicated to personal data privacy. Provides tips, news, and guidance on protecting personal information in the digital age.

Security Careers Help []

Focus: A portal for careers in cybersecurity. Offers job listings, career advice, and educational resources for those seeking to enter or advance in the cybersecurity field.

Hacker Noob Tips []

Focus: Tailored for beginners in cybersecurity. Offers tutorials, tips, and resources for those starting out in hacking and cybersecurity practices.

Crypto Impact Hub []

Focus: Centers on the intersection of cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. Provides insights into securing digital transactions and safeguarding crypto assets.

Security Affiliates Marketing []

Focus: Specializes in affiliate marketing within the cybersecurity industry. Offers strategies and tools for leveraging affiliate marketing to promote cybersecurity products and services.

Giglyfe Delivery []

Focus: Focuses on cybersecurity solutions for the gig economy. Provides resources and tools for securing data and transactions in gig-based business models.

CISO Training TalentLMS []

Focus: It is designed to cater to the needs of cybersecurity professionals and those aspiring to enter this field, providing a range of educational resources and training modules in cybersecurity